Biomimicry Wild NEIPA Can Release

Our last Biomimicry IPA release went so well that we decided to re-brew it! We double dry hopped this batch with Belma, Chinook, Citra, and Denali for a deliciously fruity and tropical beer. We also backed down on the bitterness yet again, for a smooth and surprisingly full body.

This time around we put Biomimicry in a much more appropriate package for the beer: 19.2 ounce stove pipe cans! All of our cans are can conditioned, meaning we dose flat beer with sugar, fill and seam the can, and then the beer referments inside the can which carbonates the beer and scrubs out oxygen.

Cans are $8/ea and will be available first come, first served at the tasting room this Friday, August 24th from 5-9pm. The tasting room will be open for this night only. It is not open for regular hours yet. The next bottle release is September 8th from 10am to 4pm.

We will also have some bottles available for sale from previous releases, so if you missed out on a recent release, stop by to see what we've got!