August 2018 Release

This month we begin our annual exploration of local produce with a number of foraged and local ingredients in most of these beers! Also, one beer is basically a tiki drink, and another beer rises out of the ashes after a long, diacetyl filled slumber.

Reservations start Saturday, 8/4 at noon, and go until Friday, 8/10 at noon.

Pickup day is Saturday, August 11th from 10 am - 4 pm.

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1. The Great Filter - Foeder Aged Golden Sour w/ Honey -Honey from Sleeping Bear Farms. Corked & caged 750ml bottle. $20/ea. Limits determined after noon 8/3. 81 cases produced. Statewide distribution.

2. March of Progress - Foeder Aged Golden Sour w/ Rhubarb & Vanilla - Hand picked and processed rhubarb from Zeeland, MI. Plus, absolutely delicious Ugandan vanilla beans. This beer was a fan favorite last year, and we upped the ante this year with more vanilla. Brewed in memory of Mitch's late grandmother Marge, who kept a massive rhubarb garden and served fresh rhubarb sauce over vanilla ice cream each summer. $22/ea.Limits determined after noon 8/3. 66 cases produced. Corked & caged 750ml bottle. Very limited statewide distribution.

3. Common Descent - Berliner Weisse Style Sour w/ Lime & Mint - The mint in this beer was foraged by our Illustrator, Dave McKie - $8/ea - Limits determined after noon 8/3. 1000 cansproduced. 19.2oz single stovepipe can. Brewery only release.

4. Cypsela - Employee Small Batch #1: Kara's Beer - Dandelion & Honey Saison Aged in Gray Skies Gin Barrels - The dandilions in this beer were foraged from Comstock Park by Kara herself. Honey from Sleeping Bear Farms. $18/ea. Limits determined after noon 8/3. 32 cases produced. Corked & caged 750ml bottle. Brewery only release.

5. Damaged Hypothalamus - Employee Small Batch #2: Devon's Beer - Imperial Sour Aged in Rum Barrels w/ Pineapple, Apricot, And Lime - $24/ea. Limits determined after noon 8/3. 32 cases produced. Corked & caged 750ml bottle. Brewery only release.

6. Macromutation - Wild Ale Aged in Gray Skies Gin Barrels w/ Limes & DH w/ Citra hops - This beer was packaged December 12th, 2017. It had a lot of diacetyl at first so we waited it out, and noticed that the diacetyl levels started going down about 3 months ago. This month it is fully cleared up and tastes SUPER refreshing. Perfect to end the summer with. $18/ea. Limits determined after noon 8/3. 44 cases produced. Corked & caged 750ml bottle. Very limited statewide distribution.

Each ticket represents 1 bottle/can of beer, so please make sure to order the correct amount of tickets! On pickup day you may pay for your bottles/cans with cash or credit card (we use square).

Proxies are allowed. We just need a copy of the purchaser's ID and the proxy's ID. It will be the proxy's responsibility to pay for the bottles/cans at pickup.


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