September 2018 Release

Reservations start Saturday, 9/1 at noon, and go until Friday, 9/7 at noon.

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Pickup day is Saturday, September 8th from 10 am - 4 pm.


1. Monotreme - Open Fermented Golden Sour w/ Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, DH w/ Galaxy & Summer - This purple oddity was a collaboration with our good friend Andrew De Haan and Urbanrest Brewing Company. The tea lends a nice complex earthiness and a beautiful light purple color. The Galaxy and Summer hops taste like a perfect fruit cocktail of melon, passion fruit, citrus, and apricot. $18/ea. Limit 3. 66 cases produced. Corked & caged 750ml bottle. Statewide distribution.

2. Heredity - BA Sour w/ Blackberries - This beer is a blend of five different barrels. Two fresh Coppercraft bourbon barrels filled with golden sour base, two 2nd use Coppercraft bourbon barrels filled with golden sour, and one neutral charred oak barrel filled with dark sour base. After blending, we added an absurd amount of blackberry concentrate. $22/ea. Limit 3. 65 cases produced. Corked & caged 750ml bottle. Very limited statewide distribution in MI, very limited distribution in the UK.

3. Genetic Drift DH w/ Aged Hallertau Blanc - Last year we brewed a golden sour called Cross Fertilization, and we dry hopped it with aged hops that would normally be used in lambic/spontaneously fermented beers. We loved that beer, but we decided to dry hop Genetic Drift with aged hops this year. We are very happy about that decision. This is easily the staff favorite beer from this month, as it's deeply complex and funky, but still drinkable and delicious. This beer is certainly for lovers of funk. Straw/hay, aged cheese, ripe tropical fruit, and fresh cut grass dominate the flavor profile. $12/ea. Limit 2. 55 cases produced. Corked & caged 750ml bottle. Very limited statewide distribution in MI, very limited distribution in the UK.

4. Biomimicry - Wild NEIPA DH w/ Belma, Citra, Chinook & Denali - The last Biomimicry release went so well last March that we knew we had to brew it again this year... just for cans! This beer truly belongs in cans, so we are excited to finally be able to do that! This batch of Bio contains some of Mitch's favorite hops in the world. Belma contributes a melon/strawberry flavor, Citra contributres citrus, Chinook & Denali contribute pineapple and a hint of pine. $8/19.2oz can. Limit 4. 1200 cans produced. Extremely limited distribution in MI.

5. Gram Positive - Coolshiped BA sour w/ Obsidian Malt & Concord Grapes - Collab w/ Cultivate in Ypsi - When Kuma from Cultivate stopped in to talk about a few collaborations, he was looking around and noticed an open bag of Obsidian barley from Skagit Valley Malting. This is an heirloom variety of huskless, purple barley that tastes similar to bran. Our decision to use it on the collab was an easy one. We cooled this batch in the coolship overnight on March 5th to innoculate with local microflora, and then transferred into stainless and pitched a bit of house culture to ferment. After fermentation we aged this beer in neutral charred oak barrels. We then transferred to stainless yet again to referment with concord grapes. $24/ea. Limit 2. 33 cases produced. Corked & caged 750ml bottle. Brewery only for bottles, but Cultivate will have this on tap for quite some time, so please visit them for a glass!

6. Apomixis - Applejack BA Golden Sour - Single Barrel Release - When Coppercraft Distillery asked us if we wanted an applejack barrel, we jumped at the opportunity. We filled a single barrel with golden sour base from our foeder, and let it chill for a few months. This would be a good bottle to hold on to until that perfectly crisp autumn evening. $20/ea. Limit 2. 24 cases produced. Corked & caged 750ml bottle. Brewery only release.

7. Protoconsciousness - Mezcal BA Golden Sour w/ Grapefruit, Limes & Salt - Single Barrel Release - Sometimes the perfect barrel falls into your lap. This was the case with the single Mezcal barrel we picked up this spring. After drinking a frozen Mezcal Paloma from one of our favorite restaurants, The Southerner, Mitch knew he had to make a similar beverage in beer form. $24/ea. Limit 1. 24 cases produced. Corked & caged 750ml bottle. Brewery only release... (and we will be pouring it at GABF!)

Each ticket represents 1 bottle/can of beer, so please make sure to order the correct amount of tickets! On pickup day you may pay for your bottles/cans with cash or credit card (we use square).

Proxies are allowed. We just need a copy of the purchaser's ID and the proxy's ID. It will be the proxy's responsibility to pay for the bottles/cans at pickup.


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