Bob Loblaw's Nordic Hot Dog Blog

For those who have followed our company since the beginning, you’ve seen us gradually evolve since late 2015 when we announced our existence to the world. We’ve gone from a fledgling startup pouring 5 gallon test batch samples to a full-blown tasting room with a winery in the works.

We are excited to announce the next step in our evolution. Ever since our first trip to Scandinavia we’ve obsessed over a simple and tasty meal — the Danish hot dog! A few months ago we asked our friends at The Sovengard to help us out with Nordic Dog night. It was such a smashing success that we decided to serve Nordic Dogs in our taproom full time! Choose between locally sourced meat or veggie dogs, with self serve toppings sourced from Denmark, Sweden, and Michigan.

Nordic Dogs roll out Wednesday, June 26th!

Buns: Little Rooster Bread Company (Grand Rapids, MI)
Hot Dogs: E. A. Brady's (Custom blend of pasture raised lamb & beef)
Veggie Dogs: Morningstar (vegan dogs coming soon - if you have suggestions, let us know!)

Topping Options

Ketchup: Beauvais (Denmark)
Apple/Carrot/Beet Ketchup: Good Life Naturals (Ada, MI)
Mustard: Bähncke (Denmark)
Brown Mustard: Lars own (Sweden)
Pickled Cucumbers: Beauvais (Denmark)
Remoulade: Kolding (Denmark)
Crispy Onions: Lars own (Sweden)
Beet/Ginger Sauerkraut: The Brinery (Michigan)
Saffron/Pear Chutney: b leaf (Michigan)