November 2018 Release

This month we've backed down to just 4 brands, but dang, they are good ones!

Also, just a reminder that our tasting room is now OPEN Thursday through Sunday, every week!

Reservations start Saturday, 11/3 at noon, and go until Friday, 11/9 at noon.

Pickup day is Saturday, November 10th from 10am to 4pm. The bottle pickup station will close promptly at 4, but the tasting room will be open from 10am to 10pm.

Eventbrite Link to reserve:

1. Laurentian Superior Solera: Plum - This beer is brewed with 100% wild cultures caught in our coolship near Lake Superior! We used the yeast and a small portion of beer from the bottom of Laurentian: Superior barrels (brewed early 2017) to ferment. Then we aged it in fresh 132 gallon oak barrels called puncheons for 9 months. This fall we added fresh whole Methley plums from Nyblad Orchards for a few weeks. $26/ea. Limit 4/person. 104 cases produced. Corked & capped 750ml bottle. Statewide distribution.

2. Genetic Drift Wild Farmhouse Ale w/ Peaches - Our World Beer Cup SILVER medal winning beer makes its return for 2018! Juicy peaches from Nyblad Orchards and brett funk are at the forefront, with a silky and fluffy body at the finish. $15/ea. Limit 4/person. 77 cases produced. Corked & caged 750ml bottle. Limited statewide distribution.

3. Gene Flow - Gose w/ Cranberry, Hibiscus, Orange Zest, Cinnamon, & Salt - Last year we brewed Gene Flow for a Pro-Am competition where a brewery and homebrewer team up to replicate an award winning recipe. We were paired up with Ric Brown and his excellent holiday gose, which we replicated without the cinnamon, since we brewed it in the middle of summer. It was definitely a fan favorite, so we decided to reblend it this year for a holiday release and add the Cinnamon back in. Wow, that was a good decision. This beer will go VERY well with family gatherings and turkey dinner (or tofurkey, if that's your thing.) $18/ea. Limit 4/person. 77 cases produced. Corked & caged 750ml bottle. Limited statewide distribution.

4. Punctuated Equilibrium - Chardonnay Barrel Aged Grisette - Employee Small Batch #3: Quinn's Beer - No, not baby Quincy! This beer was designed by our tasting room manager, Quinn Vollink! Quinn wanted a beer that was crushable and easy drinking, but also had layers of complexity from blending 4 Chardonnay barrels and our house mixed culture. Fruity, funky, and rustic. $8/19.2oz stovepipe can. Limit 4/person. 41 cases produced. Limited statewide distribution.

Each ticket represents 1 bottle/can of beer, so please make sure to order the correct amount of tickets! On pickup day you may pay for your bottles/cans with cash or credit card (we use square).

Proxies are allowed. We just need a copy of the purchaser's ID and the proxy's ID. It will be the proxy's responsibility to pay for the bottles/cans at pickup.


-The Speciation Crew: Mitch, Whitney, Adam, Kara, Todd, Devon, Quinn, Luis & Jackie