Punctuated Equilibrium v.1

Speciation is a dream come true. Since opening in January we have been able to sell over 15,000 bottles, hire 4 awesome people, and build up our barrel program to 50+ barrels with a foeder on the way. We’ve completely blown past all of our production and sales projections. And it’s all because of you! If you’ve bought a bottle of our beer, then you helped us accomplish our dream. So, thank you!

Monthly bottle releases have allowed us to get the traction we needed to take the next step. As of November 1st, we are acquiring the 2000 sq ft suite immediately next to us. This will allow us more space for our growing barrel program. And more importantly, it will allow us the opportunity to open a small tasting room. Our hope is to offer more opportunities for our customers to try our beer by being open to tasting room sales a couple days per week and offering bottle sales to go.  We still plan to hold monthly bottle releases, with the focus on these releases shifting more towards our specialty long-term barrel aged and spontaneous beers. As of right now we don't have an opening date, but we will be sure to let you know as soon as we know.

We plan to have a 49 seat tasting room, which will be surrounded with barrels of aging beer. A four tap draft system will be used to pour a limited amount of each batch on draft. We will also have plenty of bottles from our cellar for in house consumption as well as to-go sales.

Our focus continues to be on our beer, so we will not have a kitchen on site. However those looking for a bite to eat while you drink can create your own charcuterie plate from a cooler selection on site. We also hope that you will patron some of the great restaurant options up the street or local food trucks when available.

In other news, our business is about to become even more family-run.  Up until now, I’ve been the one pulling most of the strings, but that will change beginning in November. Whitney has decided to leave social work to start working at the brewery part time. She will be handling administrative work, events, and making sure I don’t burn the place down. And you will probably find baby Quincy around more often as he learns the tricks of the trade.


Mitch Ermatinger