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July Bottle Release!

Howdy folks!

This release will include a bunch of very small batches and a few crazy experiments! 8 Beers! What the heck are we thinking?!

We were initially going to switch to Craftcellr for this release, but we ran into some technical difficulties with the platform. We can hopefully still make the switch later in the year, but we will keep you posted. Until then, we will just keep using Eventbrite.

Tickets go up to the public on Saturday, July 6th at noon and end Friday, July 12th at noon.

Pickup day is July 13th from 10am to 4pm.

Eventbrite Link to reserve bottles:


Symbiosis - Foeder Aged Solera Sour w/ Watermelon, Ancho Chili, Lime & Salt - I have a long history with chili beers, going all the way back to my early homebrewing days 11 years ago. At Former Former Future (now Black Project) I used to make a different small batch chili beer every single week! One of my favorites from that time was our cream ale with ancho chiles... so I decided to throw it in our Foeder sour with watermelon, salt & lime. The chiles give the beer a really nice sweet raison flavor with a light and earthy spice behind it. The rest of the flavors are supporting pieces, and balance the peppers out nicely.   $20 per corked and caged 750ml bottle. Limits TBD. Statewide distribution. 396 bottles available.

Edge Effect - Grand Marnier Barrel Aged Sour - July features a few different single barrel releases, and this is the first of them. When I saw Grand Marnier barrels on the list, I knew we needed one. After a 6 month rest in the barrels we decided to bottle it straight. Grand Marnier is a delicious orange flavored liqueur, often used in cocktails. It comes through really well, as well as a decent amount of salinity that we didn't expect, but really enjoy! $22 per corked and caged 750ml bottle. Limits TBD. Brewery only. 156 bottles available.

Saltation - Tequila BA Sour w/ Blood Orange, Guava, Lime & Salt - This year we had a severe lack of tequila barrels, so we couldn't blend a full batch. But, we love this beer so much that we still had to make it, even if we could only make 1/3 as much as last year. The 2019 vintage of Saltation got a double dose of Guava, while all the other fruit levels remained the same. It's the perfect beer to share with friends on a hot summer day. $22 per corked and caged 750ml bottle. Limits TBD. Brewery only. 252 bottles available.

Microbiome - Peach Brandy BA Sour - Yet another single barrel release! This one was our base golden sour aged in a peach brandy barrel. The nose is straight up peach candy soaked in brandy. We bottled this one unaltered because it's just fantastic as is. $22 per corked and caged 750ml bottle. Limits TBD. Brewery only. 144 bottles available.

Bioluminescence - Mezcal BA Sour w/ Hibiscus & Rosemary - The last single barrel release of July was inspired by Cultured Club member Lisa Tomas' cocktail made from mezcal, hibiscus & rosemary. It's ABSURDLY GOOD. $24 per corked and caged 750ml bottle. Limits TBD. Brewery only. 156 bottles available.

When Horrocks Gives You Lemons... - Sour Wheat Ale w/ Lemon, Poppyseed & Vanilla - Our good friend Carley from Horrocks Market Tavern asked us to collaborate with them on a beer, so I took a trip there and walked around the shop with her looking for ideas. After walking by a massive stack of poppyseed we discussed why anyone would need... "wait, that would probably work well in a beer!" The rest of it fell into place pretty easily because #pastrysour. $24 per 4 pack of 16oz cans. Limits TBD. Brewery & Horrocks release only. 197 4 packs available.

Common Descent - Berliner Weisse Style Ale - w/ Blood Orange & Lime - While we all loved last month's guava version of Common Descent, the entire staff agrees this is the best one yet. We increased fruit by 25% from the guava version, and it shows. Crush this one in a campground, or in a lake, or in a river, or on your porch, or in the woods... etc.. $20 per 4 pack of 16oz cans. Limits TBD. West MI distribution. 182 4 packs available.

Urbanization - Funky Lager DH w/ EKG, MI Heritage & Saaz - We are super excited for the return of this funky lager! In the time since it's last release it has picked up quite a cult following of folks that like our funky stuff. After drinking a few cans earlier this week, I can see why! For a Speciation beer, it's approachable without being too light. The dry hop is just right, and the funk carries through with a crisp finish. $20 per 4 pack of 16oz cans. Limits TBD. West MI distribution. 186 4 packs available.


-The Speciation Crew: Mitch, Whitney, Adam, Kara, Todd, Devon, Quinn, Luis & Eric

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