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Pub Trivia with Ben Darcie

Our favorite trivia master, Ben Darcie, is back for another fun evening of trivia. This evening will be generic pub trivia, so no topic is off limits! Form a team of 1-5 people, and compete to win some awesome prizes!

Trivia will start just after 8 and will go until we are out of questions.


Teams are limited to 5 Persons.

There are TWO ROUNDS.

Each round is comprised of three sets of three questions, one worth (1) point, one worth (2) and one worth (5).

There is an intermission question which will have many correct answers. Teams guess as many correct answers as possible, earning (2) pts per correct answer.

The SECOND ROUND also contains three sets of three questions, but the point values change to (2)pts (4)pts and (6)pts.

The FINAL ROUND is a wager question. The CATEGORY will be provided before wagers are given. Teams can wager up to 15pts on the final question. If they get it correct, they are awarded that many points, and if they lose, those points are subtracted.

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