July Bottle Release - Genetic Drift, Bio-Mimicry, Common Descent


We are working really hard around here to prepare tons of new beers for everyone. This month brings with it the introduction of 2 new beers!!

1. Genetic Drift Batch 4 dry hopped with Belma and a Slovenian hop called Celia. Genetic Drift is our rustic wild saison. The combination of hops is outstanding in this beer. Spicy noble characteristics, light strawberry, and melon. The grain bill consists of Pilsner malt, Vienna, oats, rye and wheat. This Batch of Genetic Drift is definitely the most straightforward brett saison we've made to date, and we are loving it right now. It will also age very well. $15/bottle, limits will be determined after cultured club sales end. (Also, no there aren't any cultured club memberships available right now. Look for the 2018 memberships later this year)

2. Bio-mimicry Rustic IPA dry hopped with Amarillo & Belma. The grain bill is 50% MI grown Pilsner malt, and 50% MI grown Triticale. Triticale is a hybrid of rye and wheat, and is a relatively new crop in Michigan. We are one of the first breweries in the state to use this grain! The body is dry with a nice body and spice from the triticale. The dry body balances with the citrus and strawberry from the hops. This was fermented with our house mixed culture, so it also exhibits many of the yeast characteristics of Genetic Drift. $15/bottle, limits will be determined after cultured club sales end.

3. Common Descent Berliner Weisse aged in wine barrels with Lemon & Lime. This is a summer crusher. 3.4% abv, lightly tart, and with a refreshing zing from lemon and lime zest! This has been aging in a wine barrel for 5 months, so we recommend drinking this asap to enjoy the citrus flavors before they fade. This is extremely limited, as we only bottled one wine barrel of it. $12/bottle, limits will be determined after cultured club sales end.

Bottle reservations begin Saturday July 1st at noon, and go until Friday the 7th at 6pm (or until it's sold out) at this Eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/speciation-july-release-tickets-35605070725

Each ticket represents 1 bottle of beer, so please make sure to order the correct amount of tickets! On pick up day you may pay for your bottle(s) with cash or credit card (we use square).

Pickup day is Saturday July 8th, from 10 am - 4 pm. Cultured Club members may opt to wait until the next release (August 12th) to pick up.

Also, remember that proxies are allowed. We just need a copy of the purchaser's ID and the proxy's ID, as well as their order (digital copies are totally fine, try not to kill too many trees!) Also, since the full price of the bottle isn't paid for up front, it will be the proxy's responsibility to pay for the bottles at pickup.


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