Black Currant Incipient - March 11th

The third bottle release is a Black Currant variant of our Golden Sour, Incipient. The grain bill is simply Pilsner, wheat, and oats, which lends a soft, bready mouthfeel. Incipient is fermented with our house blend of microbes which includes 3 strains of brett, Belle Saison, house wild yeast harvested from Holland, MI off of a crab apple flower, 2 strains of lactobacillus, and other wild microbes from Comstock Park. This beer is a fruity, jammy explosion. It's also much more acidic than batch 1 of Incipient because of the fruit. $22/bottle, limit 3. We only have 150 bottles available to the public, so we expect this one to go VERY quickly.

Ticket reservations at Eventbrite begin Saturday March 4th at noon, and run until Friday March 10th at noon. Last month's release went so well that we are planning on sticking to that method. Please reserve 1 ticket per bottle. Then on pick up day you may pay for your bottle(s) with cash or credit card (we use square). Same as last release, each ticket represents 1 bottle of beer, so please make sure to order the correct amount of tickets! PLEASE do not reserve tickets if you cannot be here yourself or send a proxy to pick up the bottles. Also, if you reserve X amount of tickets, you will be expected to pay for X amount of bottles on the pickup day. In other words, please don't reserve the max amount and then tell us you want less than what you ordered.

Here's the link for the Eventbrite ticket page:

Pickup day is Saturday March 11th, from 10 am - 4 pm. Simply show up with your ID, and we will match your ID to your order. No need to print tickets anymore. Cultured club members may opt to wait until the next release (April 8th) to pick up, or schedule a time to come pick up bottles from me directly.

Also, remember that proxies are allowed. We just need a copy of the purchaser's ID and the proxy's ID, as well as their order (digital copies are totally fine, try not to kill too many trees!) Also, since the full price of the bottle isn't paid for up front, it will be the proxy's responsibility to pay for the bottles at pickup.


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