First Bottle Release! January 14th, 2017!

We are incredibly excited to announce that we will be selling our first batch of beer this month! We are taking this time to explain how we will operate, so please read on to learn how to purchase our bottles.

For now, Speciation is a production brewery. That means we don’t have a taproom, tasting room, or a restaurant. We plan to focus on what we do best, which is creating really unique small batch wild beers. We will sell bottles to go, directly to customers, via monthly online ticket sales through Eventbrite.

Tickets will go on sale on the Eventbrite website at noon on the January 7th. Tickets will be available on the Eventbrite page until the following Thursday at 6pm (January 12th), or until they sell out. The pick up day is Saturday the 14th, from 11am to 7pm. 

**Please do not show up to the release without purchasing tickets on the Eventbrite website. Bottles will not be available for sale at the door.**  

On pick up day, feel free to show up at any time. Your bottles are already reserved, so there is no need to line up early. Simply bring a copy of your order (printed or on your phone are both fine) and your ID. Anyone may act as a proxy and pick up bottles for friends and family that ordered bottles, but are unable to come to the release. The proxy will need to present their ID, as well as a copy of the purchaser's ID and a copy of the purchaser's Eventbrite order.

No refunds or exchanges will be made, and no bottles will be held past the release day. We simply do not have the space to hold bottle orders. If you order tickets for bottles, please ensure that you can attend the release day or send someone to pick up bottles for you. An exception to this rule is made for Cultured Club members who may wait until the next monthly release to pick up their bottles.

We also plan to distribute our beer on a very limited basis across the lower peninsula. Once we begin that distribution, we will add a list to our website of where you can find our beer.

The first beer will be our American farmhouse ale, Genetic Drift. Genetic Drift is a multi-grain Saison crafted with Pilsner malt, Vienna malt, wheat, rye, & oats. Fermented with 2 strains of Brettanomyces, 1 strain of Saison yeast, house wild yeast harvested from Holland, MI off of a crab apple flower, as well as other wild yeasts and bacteria from the environment. Lightly dry hopped with Mosaic & Saaz. Genetic Drift batch 1 tastes of ripe mango, pineapple, hay, pepper, orange, and sourdough, with moderate acidity and a surprising amount of brett funk! This beer will change with age for years to come, so we advise getting some to consume fresh, and some to put in your cellar. Limit of 6 bottles per person.

Mitch & Whitney Ermatinger