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April Ticket Release Day


April's release is super exciting because... SPRING IS COMING!

Tickets go up to the public on Saturday, April 6th at noon, and end at Friday, April 12th at noon - or when they sell out.

Pickup day is April 13th from 10am to 4pm.

Eventbrite link to reserve bottles:


MEIOTIC DRIVE - Foeder aged sour w/ elderberries - We are so stoked for the 2019 Meiotic release. We doubled the elderberry from last year and we think this is the sweet spot! It's super jammy and lightly herbal, with a good amount of tannins to back up the fruit. This is easily the most "purple" beer we've ever released. $22 per corked and caged 750ml bottle. Limits TBD. Statewide distribution.

PHYLOGENETIC - Foeder aged sour w/ tangerine - The 2019 Phylogenetic is similar to 2018, except there's 50% more fruit, and 25% more funk. $20 per 750ml bottle. Limits TBD. Brewery exclusive release.

VANILLA PHYLOGENETIC - Foeder aged sour w/ tangerine & vanilla - Because our staff can't agree what beers need vanilla (we are split 50/50) We decided to pull one single oak barrel of phylogenetic and throw in a large handful of vanilla beans! This beer is a creamsicle delight! $22 per 750ml bottle. Limit 1. Brewery exclusive release.