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October Bottle Release!

Howdy Folks!

We think that the extended pickup hours worked REALLY well last month, and our pickup rate increased significantly. Thank you for bearing with us through the change!

This month has so many bangers I don't even know where to start... and looking ahead to the rest of the year is even crazier. One thing to keep an eye on is December, which will be #pastrysour month here at Speciation. Lots of bourbon barrel aged sours with vanilla, coffee, cocoa nibs, fruit, etc. We are stoked!

On to the October release information:

Eventbrite Link to reserve bottles:

Tickets go up Saturday, October 5th at noon and end Friday, October 11th at noon.

Pickup hours:
Friday, October 11th: 4-10pm
Saturday, October 12th: 12-10pm
Sunday, October 13th: 12-6pm

Simply stop by the tasting room any time during those hours, and we will have a bottle pickup station by the barn door. As always, bring your ID and if someone is proxying for you send them with a copy of your ID.


Erasmus - Foeder Solera Sour Ale w/ Georgia Peaches & Rooibos Tea - 6.5% abv - Strong peach and tea flavors come together to create an earthy-floral sweetness with a strong punch of tartness, sort of like the first day of school. $20/750ml bottle - Limit 6

Outcrossing - Spontaneous Sour w/ Black Currant, Cherry, Ugandan Vanilla - 10% abv - A beautiful ruby red beer tasting strongly of vanilla and cherry mingled in a bit of must and smoke with a velvety mouthfeel. Reminiscent of a romantic first date. $26/750ml bottle - Limit 4

Allopatric - Wine & Mezcal Barrel Aged Sour w/ Frontenac Grapes - 9% abv - A plum colored beauty! This beer has medium sourness levels with a lot of body and complex flavor profiles of vanilla, chai spice, strawberries and grapes. Best enjoyed with invigorating conversation and low lights. $22/750ml bottle - Limit 3

Megafauna - Puncheon Aged Sour w/ Beets & Sweet Cherries - 6.5% abv - The return of this cult classic that brings together beets and cherries. This version of megafauna is beautifully balanced with an earthy, sweet, soft flavor profile. The perfect field beer to enjoy during your early autumn harvest. $20/750ml bottle - Limit 6

Native Species Winery Dark Cherry Piquette - Spontaneously Fermented Cherry Wine Spritzer - 8% abv - It tastes like dark cherry berliner soda. Yes, you read that correctly! This thing is bonkers. If you like krieks, and you like Claws... this is for you. Piquettes are basically rinsed wine pomace. The process is simple: we made cherry wine, transferred it to oak, and then rinsed the left over fruit with filtered water and bottled it after a few days. We will be making a lot more piquettes this year, mostly with grapes. This one is in 750ml bottles, but in the future they will most likely be canned. $15/750ml bottle - Limit 4


-The Speciation Crew: Mitch, Whitney, Adam, Kara, Todd, Devon, Quinn, Luis & Eric

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