At Speciation Artisan Ales, we take an evolutionary approach to brewing.

Nature’s creativity and diversity is on display in our ever-changing beers. We merely guide the process, using the finest available ingredients, our love of science, and a lot of patience. We are inspired by how the biological variations in nature create new species over time, much like how our beers evolve in the bottle. With each release, our wild culture grows and changes, and since the beginning we have worked with it to make the best beer possible.

Speciation is a small brewery that opened it’s doors in January, 2017. Founded by Mitch and Whitney Ermatinger, Speciation is the culmination of dreams and hard work. After years of homebrewing, Mitch started his career at O'Connor's Home Brew Supply in 2011. 

Feeling a need to branch-out from West Michigan, Whitney and Mitch moved to Denver in 2013. Shortly after, Mitch started brewing at Former Future Brewing Company/Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales and developed his knowledge of wild fermentation working for James Howat. The Black Project team won medals for spontaneously fermented beer at the Great American Beer Festival in 2014 and 2015. While in Denver, Mitch and Whitney dreamed of coming home to Michigan, reconnecting with family and friends, and starting a brewery of their own. In late 2015 they made the move back to West Michigan where Mitch started a sour program at Harmony Brewery Company while also developing test batches and following through with his business plan for Speciation.

It was important from the get-go to start small and debt-free. In January of 2017, we opened with our first release, Genetic Drift. Through cooperation and collaboration with Michigan’s beer community, we have been able to stay nimble and meet our demands. It is important for us to be good stewards in our business, as well as in honoring our environment. Our business is unconventional, focused, and as unique and personal as the beer we craft. 

After nearly two years in business, we have finally opened a proper tasting room. Our tasting room is a cozy and intimate space surrounded by barrels full of aging beer. It was designed to be the best place to drink our beer, alone or with friends. Quinn Vollink, our tasting room manager has an eye for details and his goal is to make you happier when you leave than when you walked in.

Our culture is growing, and we would like for you to be a part of it.